Skin-care tips

Cool Showers and Shea Butter 👀💦✨

I love a hot shower just as much as the next person but what if I told you that the constant use of hot water sucks the moisture from your body and hair? Drying out and irritating your skin, stripping away natural oils, basically causing unnecessary damage to both your skin and hair. Thankfully skin and hair sheds and regrows so it’s never too late to stop those bad habits and start over with new benefiting ones that will repair and hydrate your skin and hair like never before. It’s so easy to make the change and you’ll truly see and feel the differences going from from dry and ashy to moisturized and glowing, and going from having dry brittle hair with split ends to healthy shiny and smooth even strands. Implementing two small changes will present big results. Start by taking more cool (notice I didn’t say cold) shower than steaming hot ones. I’m not saying to stop taking hot showers all together because let’s be honest those feel amazing but I feel they should be taken in moderation (let’s say maybe 2-3 times a week versus your usual everyday routine). And immediately after your shower (while your skin and or hair is still damp) apply shea butter. Boom! Simple enough right? I know skin-care can seem tedious especially on those days when we are worn out and exhausted but we have to get better at taking care of our largest organ, our beautiful skin! Unless you don’t care about looking good (lies!!), but if you do like I do then you will stop the neglect and start adopting more beneficial habits.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and authentic home-made whipped shea, argan, or jojoba, butter source/retailer then check out my “feature/promo of the week” tab for more information! Shipping (world-wide), deliveries, and pick-ups are now available in Bangkok, Thailand and surrounding areas.

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