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Why is it so easy to neglect exercising the mental? *rolls eyes*

Warning: This is more of a rant…please feel free to comment your thoughts though!

Ughhh…I just don’t get it! Why did we ever stop exercising our minds? Why did we stop buying books? Why did we stop having conversations of substance? When, why and how did we become so addicted to technology? Why are we so quick to read a ShadeRoom article but won’t click on someone you know who blogs worthy information website? (shade, LOL) But seriously, last question…what’s up with this constant need to be entertained?

Ok hear me out and listen good!

Scenario: Your mom just made dinner…every makes their own plates (which is fine), but then you all take your plates and go, including mom. You go to your room to watch a newly discovered netflix series and eat, your brother takes his food and continues to play his video game while eating, your sister is recording a video of her plate to upload to snapchat and is watching videos on Instagram while eating, your baby sister has her plate in front but is too distracted by watching other kids play with toys on Youtube to eat, dad is on the living room couch eating his food and watching the game and mom is in her room watching her favorite show and chowing down as well.

So let me get this right 🧐🤔. Mom just made a dinner for her family and instead of eating together and who knows maybe having a conversation we all just decided that the internet is more important, valuable, and entertaining. Interesting…time, not even a lot of time at that, maybe 30 minutes that could be spent with your family was just wasted on something that was literally going to be there as soon as you were done eating. Does this make sense to y’all? It can literally wait, you can pause, rewind, refresh or whatever it is you have to do…I promise it isn’t going anywhere lol smh!

I’m not saying anything is wrong with the internet because it’s definitely a tool I love and find useful, but I just want to bring awareness to that fact that we as a whole use it entirely too much. And I’m not seeing the benefit or point of it, especially those who aren’t making a difference with it or using it to make money. Just saying it’s ok to go read a book, take a walk, have a conversation, go a few days without the internet…you know just live life without having to use technology or the internet to get through the day!!! Ok, I’m done for now. Thank you for tuning into my ted talk 😂✌🏾 see ya next week!

2 thoughts on “Why is it so easy to neglect exercising the mental? *rolls eyes*”

  1. 😂😂😂 you are hilarious but this is a topic that isn’t talked about enough. For the record I am in complete agreeance with you. I’ll try to enforce a no phone policy at my dinner table from this point on.


  2. The answer is simply that we’ve become lazy and allowed for technology to take over smh sad but true. Why read a book when I can just ask siri right? 🙄😪🤦🏾‍♀️ I feel your pain sis.


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