These Feet Were Made For…

Have you ever stopped to think about how important your feet are? Where have your feet taken you so far? Where will they take you next? And most importantly are you taking proper care of them? I mean after all, without them life can become pretty challenging! And no I’m not talking about that pedicure you get once a month (if that, I know people who don’t get them at all…no comment). Do you properly moisturize them? When traveling do you wear proper shoes and or socks? These are all things that you should really think about because if you don’t know already your feet are your foundation. They do more than walk, run, jump, and skip. They are connected to every part of your body, from your liver and kidneys to your ears and eyes. Over 7,000 nerves from major organs and functions of the body end in your feet. Those nerves are known as reflexes and they are more important than you’ll ever know. Your feet literally have feelings (those nerves we just talked about), so please don’t neglect them! Stop leaving them all dry and crusty after your shower, take some time to moisturize (look below for a very beneficial D.I.Y. foot mask). Stop trying to be cute, and be comfortable. Don’t wear tight shoes and socks, your feet need to breathe, they need wiggle room. Be sure to stretch your feet out and also massage them, avoid foot cramps and don’t ever “crack” your toes! Take into consideration how important your feet are and start treating them how they deserve. You wouldn’t be the same without so treat them as if your life depends on them….because it sorta does. If you can’t afford to go get a pedicure it’s not that hard to do your own (I’ll leave instructions on how to perform one below). Don’t make excuses, you need your feet so take care of them, please!

Your feet were made for more than just walking, take care of them and they will take care of you.

How to do your own pedicure:

1. Soak your feet in warm water for about 5-10 minutes (feel free to add Epsom salt to the water to relax your feet a bit)

2. Remove any polish  (if this applies to you)

3. Scrub feet with a soft foot brush, apply soap or sugar scrub to wet feet and then scrub each foot thoroughly  and then rinse or dip back in the water

4. Apply more soap for sugar scrub directly to feet and use a pumice stone and scrub the dead skin cells on the bottom and back of your feet

5. Rinse or dip feet back in the water and then dry them

6. Clip your toenails evenly and file them (optional)

7. Apply oil to your cuticles and massage in

8. Press your cuticles back using a cuticle tool (don’t be too rough)

9. Trim your cuticles (excess skin)

10. Apply a foot cream or oil and massage/ moisturize both feet thoroughly (about 5-10 mins)

Oatmeal and Brown Sugar D.I.Y. Foot Mask:

1. In a blender or food processor mix 1/4 cups of rolled oats, 1/4 of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of honey, 2 tbsp of fresh lemon or lime juice, and one tbsp of olive oil

2. Once fully mixed scoop mixture evenly into two separate plastic bags (ziplock, grocery bags, etc doesn’t matter)

3. Place one foot in each bag and sit for 10-15 mins.

4. Rinse feet in warm water

5. Gently dry feet then moisturize and  with olive oil

Tips on Ordering Out: Keeping it Plant-Based Even While on the Go

Some days we don’t even feel like looking at the kitchen, let alone prepping and cooking an entire meal. And that’s completely understandable because from time to time I find myself in the same predicament. Whether we’re busy or just feeling lazy, the reality is that we’re going to eat out at some point. But just because you’re ordering out doesn’t mean that all your hard work (sticking to your diet and new lifestyle) has to go out the window. Ask your cashier or waiter if they have any plant-based or vegan options, and if they don’t I’m more than positive they have meals or sides that can be adjusted to being plant-based. It takes all of 30 seconds to google the ingredients of a meal or entree. So don’t be too shy to ask for them to remove certain ingredients because you think it’s not possible. If you never ask you will never know.  I’ve asked soo many places and even helped to educate the employees for future customers like myself. So no there may not always have a vegan or plant-based option on the menu but with just a few modifications it can easily be done. For example, every time I go to the mall I have to stop at Auntie Anne’s to get a pretzel…well I don’t have to but I just can’t resist. Do you really think they have a plant-based/vegan pretzel? Nope, they don’t but that doesn’t stop me from ordering a cinnamon pretzel or those little bites! And the only adjustment I have to make is removing the butter (because butter is a dairy product and that’s a huge no no for me)! But anyway I promise you it tastes exactly the same, just a little less gooey and personally I prefer a firmer pretzel. So, see! You can order all of your favorites and keep it plant-based by simply asking for “no meat”, “no butter” “no cheese”, “no egg” or whatever other animal products are in the meal that you want to eliminate and voila! Below I will list 5 of my favorite go-to fast-food restaurant meals to order when I don’t feel like cooking.

1. Chipotle’s sofrita burrito or burrito bowl (no cheese, no sour cream) or you could get a bowl or burrito with just veggies and don’t forget for that delicious vinaigrette dressing (takes your meal to the next level I swear, I’m drooling just thinking about it).

2. Burger King’s french toast sticks with hash browns & OJ on the side for breakfast or for lunch you could order a garden salad with vinaigrette or sweet and spicy dressing, french fries, and the apple pie if you’re craving something sweet

SN: Mc Donald’s is the only fast-food chain where the french fries and hash browns aren’t vegan (they’re fried in beef fat…yuck)

3. A veggie lover’s pizza from any pizza place (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Company, etc.) just get thin crust (vegan) or ask for them not to brush your crust with butter and ask for “no cheese”

4. Order a smoothie from almost anywhere just simply ask what it’s made with and opt out animal ingredients (ask for water or juice instead) if it’s made with dairy.

5. Subway’s/Publix/ or any sub/sandwich place, order the veggie delight sandwich just say “no cheese” and don’t get any mayo as a topping

Remember that being plant-based is a lifestyle, not a trend so don’t let your environment or peers stop you from elevating your life. Let’s stop punishing our bodies and start rewarding them for a change!

If you have any questions about ordering from a specific restaurant I’d be more than happy to help you out with that just comment or send me a private message  at or

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Due to unfortunate circumstances the feature I planned on sharing with you all this week has been pushed back. The individual had something come up last minute and was unable to get the form back to me in time and I didn’t plan for a back up (I dropped the ball there, I apologize but lesson learned). But please tune in next week for an awesome feature that you WILL NOT wanna miss! Thank you for understanding. See ya next week 💜🙏🏾

Manifestation: The Breakdown

“Speak it into existence” ok & then what just wait for a miracle to happen? I think too many of us take sayings/prayers/whatever it is that you do entirely too literal. It’s wonderful to pray, to speak positivity and encouraging things into the universe to keep you motivated or in good spirits. However, you still have to put in work! You still have to keep putting in an effort to make that a reality, you can’t just say something over and over without taking action of backing it up. Manifestation has a lot to do with “The Law of Attraction”, it takes focus, co-creating activities, patience, keeping your vibrations high, and last but not least clearness (Make sure that you’re crystal clear in what you’re asking for. For example, let’s say I ask the universe for a computer. And by the end of next week, one of my friends end up giving me their old computer because they just got a new one. However, this gifted computer has buttons missing and a quickly dying battery. Maybe not what I had in mind but I got my computer right?). If you’re having difficulty with the process of manifesting then take a look below for some tips and motivation that will help lead you.

1. Focus; make whatever it is that you’re wanting to manifest a priority. Always keep it in your mind, talk about it, dream about it. Make it your center of interest! If you really want it you have to be serious about it. Don’t go to the universe asking for things if you’re going to be half-assed with it.

  2. Co-creating activities; working towards your goal creates a higher chance for making your goal come true sooner. If you want to be a stylist create a portfolio and send it to those in your field, go to the meet-ups, offer free services to public figures, do whatever it is you have to do and just ask for the universe to back you up!

  3. Patience; trust the process. Things don’t happen overnight! Don’t be in too much of a rush that you lose sight of why you want what you want. Longevity over everything, you could reach your goal overnight and that can last 5 minutes. So just relax, don’t get frustrated, don’t doubt. Believe that you’re getting closer to your goals because you truly are!

  4. Keeping your vibrations high; simply do things that put you in a good mood. Stay happy and positive. The universe feeds off energy, you send your “waves” to the universe and it bounces back to you so keep that in mind. Spend some time each day (twice a day, morning and night) meditating, singing, dancing, drawing, or whatever it is you do to escape and feel good. Doing this twice or more will guarantee that your spirits are lifted at all times.

  5. Clearness; to reiterate BE CLEAR! Let it be known exactly what you want, because if not the universe will be left to guess and you’ll end up with whatever. And that would defeat the purpose. Speak specifics, speak details. Don’t just say “I want to be in a new house next year”, say something more along the lines of “By the end June 2019 I will be in a new house that’s designed by me and built from the ground up”.  Just be clear about what you want so there are no surprises about what you get.

Manifestation is real, don’t doubt it, put in the work, and stay patient! Congratulations in advance 🙂