Feature of the week

Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty is a newly launched skin-care line by the young and beautiful entrepeneur, Zandra Cunningham of Buffalo, New York, U.S. But, Zandra is more than just an entrepreneur, she is also an influencer who serves to empower and encourage confidence to young girls and women from all over the world. Since a young girl… Continue reading Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Lemon Lime Pink Salt Face & Body Scrub

Nothing's more refreshing than exfoliating, it literally feels like you're washing all of your sins away! Scrubbing away old dead skin cells, smoothing out your top layer of skin, and receiving a rejuvenating glow, all sounds like wins to me. Now imagine all of that plus the citrusy smell of lemon & lime, the soft… Continue reading D.I.Y. Lemon Lime Pink Salt Face & Body Scrub

Plant-based eating tips & recipes

Choosing the “Diet” for Your Lifestyle

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, lactovarian, fruitarian, pescatarian, or have no preference, a diet isn't something that should be equated to a temporary intake or quick fix to lose/gain weight. Your diet should be your way of life, in other words it should be consistent and beneficial. I personally think that we should throw away this… Continue reading Choosing the “Diet” for Your Lifestyle

Mental & physical wellness

3 More Beginner Yoga Poses & Their Benefits

When I bring up yoga to those who don't practice it I generally get the same reactions, "Oh, I could never do that", "I'm not flexible enough", "It seems too hard" or something along the negative route. I get it, yoga can be intimidating but only at first. You'll get better over time, just as… Continue reading 3 More Beginner Yoga Poses & Their Benefits