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Elevate w/ Euphorium Dispensary

During my recent trip to California I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Charlita Brown, owner of the only cannabis concierge service in Oakland, California. She takes pride in being a woman of color in the cannabis industry and hopes to inspire more women to join the industry. Her dispensary known as Euphorium is a non-profit cannabis collective and delivery service run by Charlita and a small professional group of team members with the same vision. That vision being to provide high quality, holistic, and well-researched products and experiences on demand. Brown started her career in the pharmaceutical industry where she spent over 20 years in her career before deciding to leave it all behind to start a medical business of her own in 2016. She is a strong believer in the holistic way of living and has done her fair share of research on the industry of cannabis and the wonderful powers this beautiful god given plant has to offer. Her services include a fully loaded menu of cartridges, edibles, pre-rolls, oils, concentrates, sativas, indicas, hybrids, topicals, and accessories. Which are all carefully cultivated and selected prior to sale. In the wisely spoken words of Charlita herself, “The benefits of cannabis are undeniable, and I wanted to provide a sustainable solution to improve healthcare in my communities. As the industry has matured and prohibition came to an end, I saw a greater opportunity to serve more people like yourself.” She has a goal to share the benefits of cannabis, and create a more positive meaning behind the products. Her dedication to providing knowledgeable experiences to her patients is very admirable because she is not only doing this to make money but she is genuinely interested creating unique yet enlightened encounters. So if you are ever in the East Bay area please support her business and elevate your mind, body & soul while you’re at it.

Contact Euphorium (Boutique Cannabis Delivery):

Email: info@tryeuphorium.com

Website: http://www.tryeuphorium.com

Instagram: @tryeuphorium


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