Mental & physical wellness

Checking In w/ Yourself

How are my favorite readers doing? 😌 I hope you’re doing well and enjoying life. Before we get into our mental health segment I wanna clear the air really quick and ask that you all forgive my short absence. If you know me personally or follow me on social media then you know I have been going through some changes. Between moving, working (like hell), networking, & traveling I have neglected the blog for a few weeks. Having a life is not an excuse but it’s just that I couldn’t put another thing on my plate without possibly going loco! Plus I’d hate to give you all some half-assed blog posts so yeah thank you for your patience and understanding! We all need to take time from those and things that we love every now and then in order to protect our mental state, physical wellness, and emotional/hormonal health. And that’s exactly what I did. Do I feel bad about it? Nah, not one bit! Self-care is not selfish so don’t let anyone tell you different or try to make you feel bad about it. We often look to other to “check on us” or we are constantly over extending ourselves to “check on others” and end up forgetting about checking in with who matters most (YOU)! Happiness is the ultimate goal of life and you can’t be happy while neglecting yourself or by putting things or others before self. So turn off your phone, turn off the tv, exclude yourself from others energies and focus on taking time for you. Now go turn on your favorite song really loud, dance in your room, mediate, stretch, light a candle, roll a joint, read a book, write in your journal, finish that painting, take a nap, smile at yourself in the mirror, etc. Do whatever it is that brings you peace, happiness, or serenity and feel good while doing it because you deserve it!


Questions to ask yourself, checking in:

Are you happy right now in this very moment?

In which environments do you find yourself the happiest?

Are you making an effort to put yourself in those places?

What could you be doing better to benefit yourself?

Are you honestly taking care of yourself or just running on auto-pilot?

Have you been getting enough rest?

Are you eating clean and being physically active?

Are you feeling purposeful?

How is the progression of your personal goals going?

Are you putting in the work to achieve your goals or have you been distracted?

Please be truthful to yourself when answering the questions, and if the answer isn’t ideal then YOU have to power to change that! Do your best to stay motivated, take care of yourself always, and remember that you matter.




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