Plant-based eating tips & recipes

Recipes: Homemade Milk Alternatives

Okay, it's 2019 and by now we all know or have an idea about the dangers of dairy and how it's the exact opposite of what we were taught in school. It's not at all. It provides no benefits to your bones, doesn't help you grow/develop muscles, all of the vitamins it claims to… Continue reading Recipes: Homemade Milk Alternatives

Mental & physical wellness

Mental Wellness: Utilizing Technology to Improve Your Daily Life

Since we seem to be sooo addicted to technology anyway why not take advantage of the few benefits that it provides to these chaotic journeys we call lives. We use our phones for several tasks such as checking emails, making important phone calls, taking photos, and the most common use these days...scrolling/posting/stalking/ aka "wasting hella… Continue reading Mental Wellness: Utilizing Technology to Improve Your Daily Life

Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Skin Firming Mask (Face & Body)

Keeping your skin tight, clear, and smooth are all  common "skin goals", especially for my ladies. Specifically keeping our skin nice and tight because no one wants to be walking around with wrinkles, loose chin/neck skin, sagging eyelids, extreme cellulite, and etc. We want to appear refreshed, vibrant, well-put together, and confident, but in order… Continue reading D.I.Y. Skin Firming Mask (Face & Body)