Mental & physical wellness

Mental Wellness: Utilizing Technology to Improve Your Daily Life

Since we seem to be sooo addicted to technology anyway why not take advantage of the few benefits that it provides to these chaotic journeys we call lives. We use our phones for several tasks such as checking emails, making important phone calls, taking photos, and the most common use these days…scrolling/posting/stalking/ aka “wasting hella time” on social media. Think about it, how many times did you check Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter today? Were you online to inspire, to be educated, for pleasure, or simply out of boredom? Most importantly ask yourself how much time you spent on your application(s) of choice? And be honest, you more than likely can’t even keep track of the time you’ve wasted because like the majority of us it’s become an unconscious habit. For example, some people grab their phones to check social media platforms as soon as they wake up, and others fall asleep with the phone in their hand. But my question is why? What’s on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter that’s so important? Are you going to miss out on something? Does your income depend on posting or scrolling? For a few, yes but for most no; so do yourself a favor and stop wasting time. That “free” time you have to spare could be used doing so many other things! If you’re going to become a victim to your phone then at least download applications that will help you improve in some way or another. Take a look below to see my list of top 10 resourceful applications.


  1. Todoist (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly to-do list/ reminders for task)
  2. Duo Lingo (learn a new language for FREE, 10+ languages)
  3. Mint (your personal accountant, helps you to keep track of your spending habits)
  4. MeetUp (find free events/ clubs that fit your interest, great for networking also)
  5. Calm (calming sounds that relieve anxiety, guided meditation, sleep stories, etc)
  6. Lumosity (a gaming app designed by neurologist that challenges your brain)
  7. Pocket (offline reading tool with hundreds of interesting & up to date articles)
  8. Vent ( an app that prompts/allows you to express your feelings on a daily basis)
  9. Noted ( an all in one note taking app, records audio/video & includes written notes; perfect for meetings, conferences, and lectures)
  10. Scanbot ( easy to scan and email documents converting to jpg, pdf, etc. all using your phone camera)


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