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Recipes: Homemade Milk Alternatives

Okay, it’s 2019 and by now we all know or have an idea about the dangers of dairy and how it’s the exact opposite of what we were taught in school. It’s not healthy….like at all. It provides no benefits to your bones, doesn’t help you grow/develop muscles, all of the vitamins it claims to provide are added in, it contains dyes, puss, blood, mucus, and a long list of other disgusting “ingredients”. At this point you should be at least considering non-dairy milk alternatives, such as coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, oat milk, and flax milk. With all of these delicious, health benefiting, and natural alternatives there is literally no excuse as to why anyone is still consuming animal milk. Are you a baby cow? No! A baby goat? No! Would you feed human breast milk to a baby animal?Nope! The whole idea is just weird AF to be honest, especially since you can literally make all of your favorite meals using alternative milks. For example mac n’cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, ranch dressing, nacho cheese (queso), cheesecake, and much more can be made and taste just as good if not better; while also providing amazing health benefits.  But as we know when it comes to purchasing alternative products, they aren’t always the cheapest and the price we pay for the amount recieved isn’t always ideal. With that being said I’m going to provide you with some plant-based milk recipe and instructions. Make your own plant-based milk alternatives, get creative, get in the kitchen, and allow your body to digest some real milks! Click the link below for full recipes to 3 of my favorite dairy-free milks.

 Click below:

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