Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Sugar Waxing Mixture

Ladies and gents put the razor and shaving cream away....I repeat put them down now! Shaving is not the way to go in terms of removing hair. Nope, I don't care about it being "convenient", or "cheaper" and honestly neither should you. When you shave not only are you damaging your skin but your hair… Continue reading D.I.Y. Sugar Waxing Mixture

Plant-based eating tips & recipes

Recipes: Seitan (Versatile Meat Replacement)

Seitan (Say-Ton) has been used in asian cultures for a very long time but somehow Americans recently got their hands on this recipe and decided to use it as a meat replacement. And while I'm not complaining because it's really good and extremely satisfying,  it may not be suitable for all diets. Specifically those with… Continue reading Recipes: Seitan (Versatile Meat Replacement)

Mental & physical wellness

Physical Wellness: 3 Daily Stretches

"We all have to start somewhere" is my go-to advice when encouraging somewhere to start a less than ideal new hobby/task. And while going to the gym or even working out at all may not be a priority to all of us, it is necessary in order to stay healthy. Most of the people I… Continue reading Physical Wellness: 3 Daily Stretches