Plant-based eating tips & recipes

2 Jamaican Jerk Plant-based Recipes

Jamaican cuisine is hands down on my top 3 list of my favorite cultural foods to devour. Jerk, curry, stews, porridge, patties, coco bread, you name it….I love it all! When I first decided to cut out meat I had no idea that I could still enjoy these types of meals. Meat was all I knew, I thought I would be reduced to just eating rice and peas or cabbage and adding jerk or curry sauce to those. But, thankfully I can still enjoy all of these flavorful dishes, yup even without the animal products. Eating plant-based doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive at all! Anything you were eating before can be re-created in a way that’s equally delicious yet also beneficial to your health. Who would’ve thought? Lol. Sounds like a win to me! Click the link below for two delicious & easy to make Jamaican jerk inspired plant-based recipes 😋.


  1. Jerk Cauliflower
  2. Jerk Jackfruit Wrap/Taco/Sandwich


Link below: (both recipes are combined into one doc) 




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