Mental & physical wellness

Daily Journaling

Let me start by saying that journaling is beneficial to all! It’s not specific to any gender, race, or age group. If you can read and write then you should honestly be expressing and/or documenting your feelings on a daily basis. And when I say journaling I don’t necessarily mean writing a full detailed passage in a notebook or diary. I simply mean taking time out of your day to reflect and express yourself. Whether it’s a typing a few sentences in the notepad on your phone, writing a couple of paragraphs in a journal/notebook, recording an audio/video summarizing your day, or even making a daily personal post on social media (which I don’t recommend but if you’re comfortable enough to do so…do it); my point is however you choose to journal/express your thoughts doesn’t matter. Merely give journaling a try and if you stay consistent you will soon notice the many benefits that comes along with your new found habit! Did you know that self-expression and self-reflection are vital to a healthy headspace and addition to your overall health? And by journaling you will be doing just that; reflecting upon your day, expressing your thoughts & feelings, and motivating yourself towards dreams and goal, all at once. By journaling daily you are in a sense intensifying your ability to manifest or declare your dreams and goals. You’re also gaining more mental clarity and subconsciously more power over actions and your emotions. Getting into the habit also creates consistency and balance in your life, which so many of us lack. I could go on & on about why journaling is important but I’ll end this post with a quote that I’m in total agreement with “Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what you’re committed to doing better in the future.” With that being said, I challenge you to challenge yourself to set aside a small amount of time each day to reflect, express, and manifest. (Set an alarm or a special time to journal so that you won’t forget.)


List of reflective questions I use when journaling:

  1. Did I smile today?
  2. If so what made me smile?
  3. What’s important to my mental health?
  4. Did I make time for my mental health today?
  5. How was my day?
  6. What could I have done better or what would have improved my day?
  7. Did the activities I committed time to today have a positive impact?
  8. Am I preparing myself for my future daily?
  9. Did I tell anyone that I loved them today?
  10. If not, why not?
  11. Do I have a healthy appetite?
  12. Am I eating health beneficial foods?
  13. What am I consistent with?
  14. What are my good habits?
  15. What are my not so good habits?
  16. What am I willing to do to make my dreams come true?
  17. Do I have dreams/goals?
  18. What are they?
  19. Is my life currently aligned with my dreams/goal?
  20. Do I feel grateful for life?

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