Mental & Physical Wellness

We all are dealing with personal things on top of long, busy days filled with the stresses & pressures of the world.  Often neglecting our mental and physical needs. Commonly ignoring the importance of exercising our muscles and frequently over-working our brains. Most people use the excuse of not having enough time but what if I told you that you can combine the two with yoga? Yoga is the perfect mix of both mental and physical wellness with different levels to keep you actively engaged. As an influencer of yoga and meditation I am excited to share tips and spread knowledge of the benefits with my fellow elevators! For those interested I have posted a list of steps on how to meditate for beginners below.

How to meditate:  10 easy tips for beginners

Dedicate yourself to 10-15 minutes of meditation per day ( minimum 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins at night)

  1. Try your best to start at the same time each day (gets your mind and body in the habit)
  2. Find somewhere peaceful and quiet
  3. Set a timer
  4. Add one-two extra minutes on the time to allow yourself time for positioning and a quick stretch of the spine, arms and legs
  5. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position (I recommend starting off sitting up)
  6. Gently close your eyes
  7. Relax your shoulders
  8. Breathe…make no effort to control your flow just simply breathe.
  9. Try not to think, and try to stay as still as possible, attempt to go blank. (your mind will wander don’t worry it’s normal…when it does count to 5; take a deep breath in between counting ex. 1…breathe…2… and re-focus)
  10. Don’t worry about if your doing it right or wrong…it’s a foreign activity so it’s going to feel a bit “weird”

Once your timer goes off don’t just jump up…take your time to stand and analyze your underlying mood, take one more deep breath & now start or end your day in a calming mood!