Plant-based eating tips & recipes

Eating “right” is hard…that statement alone should be motivate to eat how we were always meant to but if not let me just say this here; yes eating healthy can be challenging but when has taking the easy way out ever benefited you?  We have to remember that just because something tastes good doesn’t make it good for you. I’m sure you know that so hey whenever you’re ready feel free to join the journey! We can take baby steps just as long as you’re willing to make the change. I will be here every step of the way! Stay tuned for a variety of recipes and snack ideas that your body will thank you for while also satisfying your tastebuds 😋

Here’s 5 tips to start you off into your plant-based lifestyle:

  1. Drink more water if you aren’t already (feel free to add fruit for flavor if you are not a big water drinker)
  2. Dedicate 1 day a week to being dairy and meat free (no animal milks, cheeses, butters, or flesh…including seafood)
  3. Implement fresh fruit into your daily intake, start your day off light with fruit and water.
  4. Choose healthier snacks such a granola, nuts, seeds, unsalted popcorn, etc.
  5. Instead of frying choose other methods such as grilling, steaming, baking or broiling.