Feature of the week

Meet the Creator of Blavity.com: Morgan DeBaun

This woman here, Morgan DeBaun is the true definition of an inspiration! A highly intelligent, beautiful, powerful, yet relatable, entrepreneur. Morgan DeBaun, also known as the CEO and creator of Blavity.com (Black Gravity). She began as a passionate business and technology student who made her career start into corporate America, but she quickly noticed that corporate… Continue reading Meet the Creator of Blavity.com: Morgan DeBaun

Feature of the week

Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty is a newly launched skin-care line by the young and beautiful entrepeneur, Zandra Cunningham of Buffalo, New York, U.S. But, Zandra is more than just an entrepreneur, she is also an influencer who serves to empower and encourage confidence to young girls and women from all over the world. Since a young girl… Continue reading Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Mental & physical wellness

Befriending Failure

So many of us are afraid of failure, so much so that we come up with the most ridiculous excuses as to why we can't or won't do whatever it is that we "claim" we want to do. "Oh, it doesn't feel like the right time; I don't have enough money; I'm already too stressed… Continue reading Befriending Failure

Feature of the week

Introducing: Atlanta’s Very Own Urban Sprout Farms

And on his farm he had a.....plentiful vegetation, a market, free yoga sessions, bonfires, movie nights, workshops, community events, & etc! Urban Sprout Farms and its' founders (Nuri Icogren and his beautiful wife Safia) are nothing less than phenomenal. Urban Sprout Farms was founded in 2012 when Nuri really took nothing and made it something.… Continue reading Introducing: Atlanta’s Very Own Urban Sprout Farms

Feature of the week

Introducing “MeowM30w Smooth Butters”

The lovely and extraordinary Sherese Faulkner from Stafford,VA,US is a 32 year old entrepreneur who is currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. She just recently started her business "MeowM30w Smooth Butters" and I couldn't be more excited to introduce her new cosmetic skin care line! In the words of Sherese herself  "I started my… Continue reading Introducing “MeowM30w Smooth Butters”