Mental & physical wellness

Daily Journaling

Let me start by saying that journaling is beneficial to all! It's not specific to any gender, race, or age group. If you can read and write then you should honestly be expressing and/or documenting your feelings on a daily basis. And when I say journaling I don't necessarily mean writing a full detailed passage… Continue reading Daily Journaling

Mental & physical wellness

Physical Wellness: 3 Daily Stretches

"We all have to start somewhere" is my go-to advice when encouraging somewhere to start a less than ideal new hobby/task. And while going to the gym or even working out at all may not be a priority to all of us, it is necessary in order to stay healthy. Most of the people I… Continue reading Physical Wellness: 3 Daily Stretches

Plant-based eating tips & recipes

Choosing the “Diet” for Your Lifestyle

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, lactovarian, fruitarian, pescatarian, or have no preference, a diet isn't something that should be equated to a temporary intake or quick fix to lose/gain weight. Your diet should be your way of life, in other words it should be consistent and beneficial. I personally think that we should throw away this… Continue reading Choosing the “Diet” for Your Lifestyle